The wind whispers on my skin.

It’s your breath; I know it because

Though your body is far away

Your essence resides with me.
The sun kisses my shoulders.

The warmth radiates, permeates,

like a hot drink on a cool day.

It’s your mouth; I know it because

Though your body is far away

The warmth derives from within,

Not without.
The sea circles my waist;

the ebbing surf reaches and draws me in close

I move with it

As it inhales and exhales.

I’m in your arms; I know it because

Though your body is far away

I feel protected and serene;

The sand embraces my body,

Holding me close and tight;

A custom fit.

It’s your body; I know it because

Though you are far away

Nothing was ever made

So perfectly to measure

As yours and mine, together.

You are here with me;

I know it because

Not even nature

Not wind, fire, water, nor earth

Could feel more


Than you to me.



How pleasant it would be

to just do things

because they felt right.


Without fear,

without judgement,

take someone’s hand for comfort, for friendship,

things mean what you make them.


How different the world would seem if we could just

hug, kiss,

dance our spirits away out of love and gratitude and happiness

and not be branded whores, teases;

no promises were ever made.



What a breath of fresh air it would be

to be able to laugh and joke,

to share passions, fill our lungs and sing

without the jeers of ‘attention-seeker’, ‘show off’, ‘putting it on’;

it would be more false to stay silent.


How exhilarating

to be able to express yourself

blue hair, tattooed neck.

I’m wearing a skintight dress but my stomach isn’t flat;

you really should wear things that flatter you

yes but i like this

so bite me,



What a weight off our shoulders it would be

to be given free rein of our lives

to be ourselves

uncensored, unaltered